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About Us

Tandem – (adverb)
Alongside each other; together

Tandem Resource Group (TRG)

Tandem Resource Group (TRG) is consultancy service firm that provides Project Management and Technical Services. TRG’s philosophy is simple and is in our name. We work in partnership with our clients in delivering each project.

Our team has extensive project and technical experience over a broad range of project types, with local, national and international capability.

We have built a reputation with our clients for adding value at every stage in the project lifecycle and delivering optimum results for our clients. We deliver your projects on schedule and within budget.

TRG provides the following range of professional services:

Tandem Services Project Management

  • IT Project Management Construction Management

  • Project Estimation
  • Contract Administration
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Monitoring Project Performance, Quality and Safety
  • Assessing Project Risk

bakeka incontri re Technical Services

  • IT
  • Telecom Training

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training




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